Significance of Kundali Milan for Marriage

Kundali Milan or matchmaking is regarded to be the first and foremost move towards finalizing the possibility of marriage between the groom and the bride. Since years, matching Kundali Milan or Rashi (horoscope) has always been an important ritual, to begin with, the marriage process. Reasons why Kundali Milan is necessary:

  • To Check Overall Compatibility

One important reason for matching kundali before marriage is to know how compatible the bride and groom are. According to astrology, there are a total of 36 Gunas matched to conclude how compatible the two are and how stable their lives will be. These Gunas have distinct points and each point shows a unique life factor. It also indicates how they will affect each other with their individual star and destiny. If there is any problem, astrologers provide different remedies to solve it.

  • Effects on Financial and Career Stability

When two individuals come together in the sacred marriage bond, their planet’s movement has an impact not only on their life but also on the life of each other. This impact is indicated by the seventh guna, Bhakoot. Financial stability and work opportunities are also examined by matching Kundali.

  • Mental and Physical Compatibility

The task of Kundali Milan is used to forecast the mindset, concerns, conduct, attitude, and most importantly aptitude of both the partners. This is the basic building block of a successful marriage, particularly when the world is moving forward at a tremendous speed. The matching also assesses both partners ‘ health and well-being. Ultimately, physical attraction is also being screened to check that both the boy and the girl have an appropriate amount of desirability.

  • Overcome Dasha

When a child is born, his luck is determined by the positioning of the stars and the timing of his birth. This factor is scientifically proven and is therefore of great importance to everyone. Stars ‘ timing and positioning can sometimes be such as to develop Dasha in the charts of the person, such as Mangal Dasha or Shani Dasha. Such Dashas can contribute to after marriage issues and can be identified with the help of matching the Kundali. Once identified, you may be guided by the astrologer to conduct some poojas or follow certain activities to lessen their impacts. Marriage is not advisable in extreme cases.

Everyone gives different reasons for matching the Kundali but the main reason for it before getting married, according to Vedic Astrology, is to make sure the pair have a happy, successful and long married life. Before getting married and matchmaking, therefore, one can understand if the other individual is serious for the marriage, how is the compatibility and connection between the pair and other such significant aspects leading to the success and failure of any marriage.